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When I was 9, I discovered science fiction. And loved it! I enjoyed the excitement of thinking about what was "out there", what was possible, and what the future had in store. I knew from that age  that I wanted to be a scientist.

And I did!  I had a 30-year career as an academic statistician.  About a year after I moved to Corvallis, Oregon to begin my job, I had  enough money to buy the sailboat that I had dreamed of while going to high school in Puerto Rico. I had the actual boat picked out, but at the last minute it occurred to me that Oregon isn't Puerto Rico (duh), and I might not enjoy cold weather sailing. That same week, I noticed a magazine cover at the grocery store saying “Outdoor Photographer—Inaugural Issue.” I  purchased it, read it entirely, and decided to spend my boat money on the same camera kit described by an article author (David Middleton; Nikon FM2 camera).    

I was a slow learner. I can't think of any successful images I had in the first 15 years.  But I did reallly enjoy the process, especially on my 3 sabbatical years in Australia. Nature photography has a way of immersing me  into nature in a way that I find extremely enjoyable. Toward the end of my academic career, my passion for science and teaching remained, but the busy-ness with those parts of the job that I wasn’t passionate about became overwhelming. I realized that I could financially swing an early retirement and a pursuit of photography instead.  I doubled  down on learning so that I could hit the ground running when retirement started.

My wife, Jeannie, and I moved to Bend, Oregon, which has outstanding natural scenery, some outstanding professional and amateur photographers, and a top-notch camera club, where I've learned a lot. 

In January, 2020, Jeannie and I embarked on a trip of a lifetime--a nine-month camping trip/circumnavigation of Australia.  We happened to arrive in Australia the same week as the first coronavirus cases were recorded in the US and Australia.  Although we managed to get some good camping in before the lockdown in March, our dream trip was cancelled. Nevertheless, the five months we spent in Denhams Beach and our subsequent travelling in New South Wales was easy and delightful. Prior to the arrival of the Delta variant, the Australian "whack-a-mole" approach to Coronavirus containment was highly successful and permitted a fairly normal life.   We extended our stay until June 2021 then returned to Oregon. 

We love Australia and will return soon, but it's also been fun to rediscover Oregon after eighteen months away, despite the awful air quality due to wildfires in the summer.  Jeannie and I especially love camping in our Four Wheel Camper in the rugged and wild landscapes of eastern Oregon.    

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.



(Last updated December 2021)

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